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Nautsilus Ltd. is Russian Number 1 in Real-time Industrial Automation Based on QNX!

  • 1990 1st QNX-based Industrial Automation Project
  • 1993 1st implementation of RealFlex for QNX2
  • 1995 1st implementation of Sitex, the 1st Client-Server Architectured SCADA for QNX4
  • 1998 1st PLC under ISaGRAF target for QNX (Trei)
  • 2000 1st implementation of Phocus SCADA for QNX4 under Photon GUI
  • 2004 creation of 1st SCADA for QNX6/Neutrino (Phocus 4)

NAUTSILUS, Ltd. is an independent privately owned company established in 1990 by a strong team of real-time software engineers. The business area includes process automation software development under QNX (and Linux too), system integration, and industrial/building automation application implementation.

The establishers' team was skilled at the different real-time OSs (PC MOS, iRMX, UNIX), but QNX RTOS from QSSL (QNX Software Systems Ltd.) was the best choice for the automation projects on the x86 platform.

Because of the extraordinary QNX features RealFlex SCADA systems on its base found a ready market.

Later in 1995 Nautsilus offered to the Russian market the alternative Sitex SCADA package under QNX. Then this good structured package was splitted into a server part named OPUS and a client (GUI) part named Sitex running on QNX Windows. In 2000 another client part Phocus for Photon MicroGUI has been created. All these products were designed for QNX4 RTOS.

In 2003 Nautsilus began developping of Phocus version for QNX6/Neutrino. Now two Phocus 4.xx versions for QNX4 and QNX6 are offered by Nautsilus.

Nautsilus Ltd. has had the opportunity to compare diverse SCADA software under QNX: RealFlex, Sitex, and Phocus. The univocal verdict is that Phocus is the best now.


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